Board Applications

Pride Director Applications

Maren Ladner – applying to be Director of Communications:

“I am 20 years old, born and raised in Vernon and as a queer person I recognize the impact and importance of pride and queer joy. I am currently a student at Okanagan College in the Communications, Culture and Journalism program, and I will be graduating this spring. In school I have taken interest in Gender, Sexuality and Woman’s Studies as well as communications and culture and have taken many classes that use gender and culture theory to analyze and deconstruct current social inequalities and 2SLGBQIA+ issues. As well I have experience in media and social media communications. I am familiar with creating info graphics, posters, Instagram stories and posts as I have made them for school projects as well as for my own pottery business. I enjoy creating social media content and digital media and hope to continue creating in my future careers. This position would give me valuable experience in the field of communications with an organization I am passionate about, as well it would be an ideal transition as I finish my final semester at OC. Communications, media, and culture are my passion and I believe I can bring fresh eyes and a current perspective to Vernon Pride and help strengthen and grow Vernon’s 2SLGBTQIA+ community.”

Lola Polnik – applying for director at large:

“Hi There! I’m rushing to write this bio so it may not be ideal! My name is Lola, I grew up in Vernon and just moved back this summer after being away for 20 years. It was so exciting to me to attend Pride this summer in Vernon. I was relatively out in high school and that was…interesting. So to see how far our community has come has been amazing. While in Vancouver I got really into installation art and I have experience leading and co facilitating groups building art. I have also thrown fundraisers to fund said art. I am also a founding member of the She Shed Society in Vernon and am learning a LOT about community building through that process. Would love to be involved in Vernon Pride!”

Elmaz Wilder – applying for vice-president:

“My name is Elmaz Wilder. I am currently the director at large of Vernon Pride Society. Since being on the board I have fallen in love with the community and communications aspects of Vernon Pride Soicety, and I am ready to take on more responsibilities. Vice President would be a great role for me, since I already have a strong relationship with President Ab Wilson, thus being able to suport them in their needs. I would bring experience from my 6 years of business ownership such as: delegation, management, financial budgeting, and social networking.”

Kay Barkved – applying for Director of Governance and Grant-writing:

“My name is Kay Barkved and I am a disabled and queer artist. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Gender & Women’s Studies and a Master of Arts in Digital Arts & Humanities.

I am an award winning scholar, in 2020 I successfully won a competitive Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) award for my thesis research “Neuroqueer Imaging.” I have also consulted on two other SSHRC applications, one which was successfully funded in 2021, and one which is currently under adjudication.

More recently, in 2023, my proposal for the Vernon and District Immigration Society’s call for artists was selected to be funded in 2024.

As a dedicated scholar, researcher, activist, artist, and community member, I believe I can bring my graduate studies experience in tandem with the professionalism needed to meet with external stake-holders to successfully help fund many of our society’s needs.”

Chels W – applying for director at large:

“I have not served on any organization ever, but would like to join. Not sure what role could work best for me but happy to help if needed.”

Danielle Stennett – applying for Director of Governance and Grant-writing:

“Researcher and Credentialed Evaluator of 10+ years. Significant experience with report writing, grant applications, proposals and convincing people that doing something for me will benefit them. Strategic thinking and communication, in addition to my experience, is super helpful with grant writing as all funders want to do is achieve their corporate goal/operational plan/org mission/ and I can convince them that they can do that by supporting VPS.

I have lots of training in diversity, equity and inclusion and I’m very in tune with government foci and direction. Knowing what they want is key to getting support and funding. This is going to be very relevant to VPS if we experience the anticipated change in federal government soon.

As an evaluator, I am also 10000% familiar with fulfilling funding requirements and reporting. I have done it professionally and now I actually am the one at the other end of the table deciding on what the requirements of funding will be.

Governance is my jam as well. I work in a team that leads it at my work. Structures and processes that work for the people who use them is important to me. Those two things don’t always align so I try my best to meet folks where they are.

Happy to also provide any support you might need in terms of evaluation.”

John Cain – applying for director at large:

“I would be interested in any position that is needed. I have a lot of volunteer experience plus have worked in bookkeeping for the majority of my working life.”